Sunday, October 25, 2009

Module 9 - Scootle, Second Life, Facebook and Twitter

A strange combination for Module 9:

Scootle is vastly underutilised resource in CEO schools, it varies from school to school and teacher to teacher. I strongly recommend the interactive 'Learning Objects' as the best resources in Scootle.

Second Life has been described as a 'time drain'. As such I've briefly played with it and dismissed it as such.

I once suggested that teachers find ways of using Facebook in their teaching. I've since retracted this due to the potential dangers if a teachers links to a student's personal profile as a 'friend'. A safer alternative is 'Ning'.

I find Twitter extremely useful for picking up the latest information and resources from various eLearning gurus and teachers. By all means follow me: @simoncrook

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  1. Simon you told me to get a wriggle on well I've posted everything now. Very interesting to read your comment on second life. Have a look at mine I hope it is not too pointed for some people who might embrace it