Saturday, November 7, 2009

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Southern Region Secondary Schools

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  1. G'day Simon,

    Thanks for reading and commenting on my Module 4 Post. I admire your obviously high work ethic to even bother casting a glance at so much legal gobbledygook.

    Your question "will you finish the course??" certainly has crossed my mind on many occasions. My wife and I have just had our second son so with a 4 week old and a 17 month old I must admit that getting through the weekly modules is proving a bit more challenging. Having said that, however, I feel that I will have crossed the line come 11:58pm, December 7.

    Looking at your blog, the words to the song "I've been everywhere man..." did come to mind. You have certainly a good understanding of the vast resources that Web 2 offer. I assume that you are currently finishing off Module 10 and the evidence of all your learning is very impressive as you look at the other modules you've completed. So, well done!

    Well, I'd better go but thanks for commenting on my post. I was very surprised to see someone respond!

    All the best,