Tuesday, June 24, 2014

TM Edutech

Earlier this month I had the fortune to attend the Edutech conference in Brisbane. It was a great event with some excellent speakers, Sugata Mitra being the best (what a way to start a conference!). However, the best thing for me was the networking, getting to know some of my up-and-coming colleagues in our delegation, and of course the Edutech TeachMeet

Thanks to some typically hard and selfless work by +Matt Esterman, working with the event organisers not least Jon Chivers, a great space was arranged in the main Expo for four mini-TeachMeet sessions. The first session was kicked off by the ever youthful grandfather of TeachMeets +Ewan McIntosh, with 16 presenters all up over the two days. My presentation 'Giggle - the Lighter Side of Ed(u)Tech' was a major expansion on 'Giggle the funny side of Edtech' from TM ACU with references to 'Giggle (and Hoot) - the funny pre-school side of Edtech' from TM Google (essentially third time lucky). The slides can be found below. Most of them are self-explanatory. A podcast of my presentation also appears here on the TER podcast (thanks @capitan_typo). 

A big thank you once again to Matt, Jon and the other organisers. Great to finally meet the likes of @wholeboxndice; always good to catch up and chew the fat with Matt, @largerama and @danhaesler; and one can never forget those crazy guys from the inner west (ping @jamiewahab, @chad_ferris, @steve_borthwick, @MelSmiles5, @ZeinaChalich and the gang). 

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  1. Great Event!!

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